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A decentralized network of nodes called Chainlink (LINK) tries to link data and information from outside a blockchain to on-chain smart contracts. By enabling off-chain processing and access to real-world data while maintaining the security of blockchain technology, Chainlink improves the capabilities of smart contracts.

Similar to ordinary contracts, smart contracts operate on the blockchain as protocols rather than being written out on paper. Smart contracts are immutable (cannot be modified) and verifiable since they operate on the blockchain (everyone can see them). This guarantees that all parties to the agreement have a high level of confidence that they correctly represent its provisions and will only carry them out if certain circumstances are satisfied. However, since the majority of data and services are not managed on the blockchain, businesses are unable to use smart contracts in regular transactions for real-world applications.

The difficulty is in connecting external information to blockchain smart contracts in a language that both parties can comprehend since smart contracts need off-chain data in an on-chain format to construct agreements.


What is Chainlink (LINK)?
Chainlink (LINK) is a cryptocurrency and technological platform that allows non-blockchain firms to connect to blockchain platforms in a secure manner.

Is Chainlink (LINK) good for investment?
If you are interested in investing in a major cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin, or Ethereum you will find thatChainlink (LINK) is a good option to consider.

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